Motel Money Murder Madness

22| Los Angeles

Cause we are the ones that want to play
Always want to go, but you never want to stay
Cause we are the ones who want to choose
Always want to play, but you never want to lose








Incredibly stupid.

"Indulge your inner Latino"


I don’t even feel as though I have an inner Latino and I have Cuban blood and speak Spanish

White people really be pushing the shits and other white people be like OH YEAH IM CELEBRATING HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH BY SOMEHOW HAVING LATINO INSIDE MEEEE BUT NOT ACTUALLY EDUCATING MYSELF ON THE FUCKED UP HISTORY OF INDIGENOUS LATIN@S (I feel like there is a specific word for that and it’s not coming to me) IN AMERICA OKAY

Them shits don’t even look like they taste accurate. Like, it’s just for a white person to go “ooooooo, I’m being so exotic. I like extra mild salsa and tacquitos”

Your inner Latino?

This is one of the most asinine and insulting things I’ve seen. They’ll do anything to assimilate themselves into our culture, thinking some overpriced creamer is gonna given them perspective. Motherfuckers wish they could. 

"Inner Latino" my ass.