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People talking shit about Joan Rivers clearly don’t understand the huge impact she made in breaking the glass ceiling of not only women on TV but women in comedy and women standing up to men in positions of power.

They know nothing about her work, about her from the 60s to the 90s. Without her Television and Comedy would nowhere near be what it is today in reference to women. 

haaaaa das some bullshit

lucille ball was doing what joan was even before her and was doing it better. lucille never used vulgarity or insults as a way to get her laughs.

carol burnett, mary tyler moore, and betty white were also female pioneers in television and comedy that were funnier than joan ever was. and let’s not forget funny WoC in television during joan’s time, like marla gibbs and moms mabley

so yeah i think we can do without joan’s constant racist remarks and insults toward women

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